Our Company

Syntesia Medical Communications is a communications office headquartered in Budapest, the only Central-European, multilingual medical science company where the experts, professional translators and advisers have a high level of both medical and linguistic knowledge. This ensures the outstanding quality of the services we provide to our clients in the pharmaceutical industry, in R&D, and in the marketing/communications field. We are striving to become a communications and online development company that plays a significant part in the field of medical marketing and product promotion.

We have realized that merely providing the textual content serving as the basis of communication does not suffice for our clients – much more is needed.  

Syntesia is a communications service provider ready to participate in the creation of full content from the writing, translation and proofreading of texts, through online and offline development, to the planning and implementation of full product promotion.

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Our work is based on understanding, a clear vision, and high standards. This allows us to serve a wide range of the health care sector, including pharmaceutical companies as well as other medical marketing agencies and communications offices. Our team consists of experts with a medical background who know and understand the professional content behind the individual projects.

Medical writing – 5 years
Interpreting – 4 years
Experience in the pharmaceutical industry – 8 years

Work philosophy

Professional competence

Our work requires experience acquired in a medical or scientific field.


Our priority is to provide our services in an impeccable manner with a high level of accuracy.


We put maximum effort into providing the best quality, as supported by the evidence from our references.


Our work mostly consists of creative activities which require an abstract way of thinking and a comprehensive perspective.

Our Clients

We prepare most of our work in English for an international audience, requested mostly by Western European clients.