We are Syntesia

Dr. Zsófia Barcza

managing director and medical communications expert

Responsible for the professional management of Syntesia and for the primary clients. As the professional writing expert of the company, our most important pieces are the fruits of her work.

Dr. Szilvia Barcza

senior medical writer and translator

Her exceptional problem solving skills and professional linguistic competence are indispensable to Syntesia. She makes sure that her work does not contain any mistakes.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Biró

medical writer and translator

She can always be counted on, and she is very thorough in her work. Her calm and cheerful nature adds vibrancy to our team.

Dr. Melinda Hajdu

medical writer and translator

She is consistent and solution-oriented. It is delightful to read her work from a professional perspective.

Krisztina Olasz

medical writer and translator

Her widespread experience in the field of translation and interpreting and her excellent writing skills make her a reliable, outstanding member of the team.

Vanda Varga

medical translator and proofreader

Her outstanding precision and competence guarantee that the work we deliver is linguistically perfect

Benedek Molnár

medical writer and translator

He brings great enthusiasm to each new project and uses his linguistic assets very creatively. He is a zealous and conscientious professional translator, who is amazed by the beauty of language.

Márk Korondi

business development manager

He is responsible for international expansion and sales development. A true cosmopolitan, who is not afraid of facing new challenges in new places.

Zita Barcza


She performs the tasks entrusted to her with unfailing attention and self-monitoring. She is interested, curious, and takes advantage of every opportunity for development.

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